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Ensuring a home’s curb appeal is high makes any property easy to sell. Regular maintenance of your home’s surfaces through frequent soft washing will boost its appeal. Soft washing your home also increases your property’s lifespan and market value and avoids the damage that high-pressure washing can potentially cause. Besides a price tag that fits, prospective buyers generally look for beautiful, well-maintained, and clean-looking homes.

Pressure washing is a fast, powerful method for cleaning the surface of your home. Scrubbing away stains and debris can be a process that takes the better part of a day, depending on how large the area that you are working on is. However, pressure washing helps to ensure the most thorough clean, with minimal time expenditure. It is an incredibly convenient way to clean your home. In addition pressure washing is a great way to prime a surface for an additional project.

There are several reasons why a concrete surface might experience damage. The conditions it’s poured under, settlement, shrinkage, overload, and various other factors can all cause concrete to crack, spall, and flake. A sealer protects your concrete surface from the various elements that can further contribute to damage. Oil, chemicals, salt, grease, weather exposure, UV rays, and moisture are all big ones. Because concrete is a porous material, it has a tendency to absorb moisture. When this moisture doesn’t dry and the surface is left wet for an extended period of time, mildew begins to form and mold begins to grow. You’ll know you have mold growing on your concrete by the greenish color that appears. When you seal your concrete, you inhibit moisture from penetrating the surface and therefore prevent the development of mold and mildew. 

Here at Elletson Pressure Washing we leave each property cleaner than we found it! As a driven and locally owned company, we take pride in our ability to go the extra mile (or square foot) for all of our customers needs. Call us for a free quote today. We have 100% confidence that our customers will be satisfied with our services provided.