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"Excellent workmanship! Xavier was done in a very timely manner. He used great quality materials. Im a customer for life!"

[Terry C.]

"Great customer service, very attentive to accomplishing the task that we hired him to do. His is friendly, outgoing and easy to talk to. He went above and beyond the work and finished the job in a timely manner. Scheduling him to clean the tiles in my pool in the spring!"

[ Micheal P.]

"From start to finish he made it very easy to work with 10/10 would recommend!"

[ Seth M.]

"Xavier was very personable and great to work with. He gave a a free quote and an overview of what else he could do for me. he had all the equipment needed for the job! 10/10 would recommend!"

[Misty M.]

"Xavier was fast, efficient, friendly and affordable. I would 100% recommend him!"

[Bradley W.]

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